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Becoming a Mentee

Thank you for expressing interest in finding a mentor through the Kilfinan Group.  We currently provide mentoring to almost 200 chief executives, in charities of all sizes.

Our mentors have extensive business experiences and each person has their own style and approach. Most are based in London, but we also have two Chapters based in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland.

By its nature, mentoring is about establishing a relationship. Each mentoring relationship is unique and created by the two participants. However, in our experience, mentors can:

  • Listen to issues
  • Give practical suggestions
  • Offer alternative approaches
  • Share access to other sources of support or ideas
  • Build self-confidence
  • Provide introductions to other organisations where appropriate
  • Help set priorities and action plans

The position as a trusted aide outside the established reporting structure enables mentors to advise on problems such as dealing with trustees, managing performance, or handling pressure from funders.

The Group is based around absolute confidentiality and although the mentors share their experiences with other mentors at bi-annual Chapter meetings, this is never discussed with others.

The Group provides inductions to mentors and context about the voluntary sector, before assigning each mentor to a chief executive. In doing this, we aim to match the chief executive’s personality, situation and needs.

If you want to proceed, then please email the relevant Group Coordinator with a couple of paragraphs about you, the challenges you face in your role and what you would like to get from a mentoring relationship. Once a potential mentee has been identified then we will send you information about them. If you agree that they look like a suitable mentor, then we will make an introduction over email leaving you to arrange a preliminary meeting to make sure you feel positive about starting a mentoring relationship. Once you have both fed back positively to the Group Coordinator then you can go ahead and arrange subsequent mentoring meetings.

The Group Coordinator remains available to both parties, ensuring that the relationship continues to be beneficial.