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Becoming a Mentor

Our mentors bring a range of business experience to the Group and each person has their own style and approach. There are no set rules and each mentor/mentee relationship can be individual. We do not advertise the Group as we could not meet high demand; as a result new mentors are usually recommended by existing members of the Group. Each mentor is a volunteer, giving their time and advice for free.

By its nature, mentoring is about establishing a relationship. Each mentoring relationship is unique and created by the two participants. However, in our experience, mentors can:

  • Listen to problems

  • Give practical suggestions

  • Offer alternative approaches,

  • Share access to other sources of support or ideas

  • Build self-confidence

  • Provide introductions to other organisations where appropriate

  • Help set priorities and action plans

The position as a trusted aide outside the established reporting structure enables mentors to advise on problems such as dealing with trustees, managing performance, or handling pressure from funders.

The Chapters are informal groupings of up to 25 people, and each is chaired by an experienced member of the Group. We organise bi-annual meetings for each Chapter so that mentors can share their experiences, benefit from the advice of other mentors and meet other people in the Group.

We aim to keep the Group deliberately informal with no bureaucracy and, once matched, mentors and mentees are free to structure their relationship to fit their needs and styles, as well as the frequency and scope of conversations.

If you would like to become a mentor then please contact the relevant Group Co-ordinator.